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Hundreds of thousands of people around the world enjoy Jan van Haaster's puzzle. Many millions of copies of puzzles have been distributed. Every new image is eagerly awaited by fans.

But Jan Van Haasteren has not always designed puzzles. He started his career with the advertising agency Nijgh & Van Ditmar before joining the study Marten Toonder in 1962. In 1966 he became a freelancer with Joop Geesink. As a cartoonist, he created many stories for the comic books Perry, Pep, Donald Duck and later Eppo. In 1975 he founded the Free Balloen magazine while doing lots of advertising work and drawings for information leaflets and textbooks.

His reputation for writing puzzles began in the eighties. Heineken contacted him with a request to make a big comic image for a puzzle to promote Bokma lemon ginger. When the picture was done, the advertising budget was gone and instead they decided to make a poster. This was seen by the Swedish company Scan Decor, which gave him assignments for further large comic advertising posters.

Jumbo was aware of Jan van Haasteren because he had sometimes sent them some of his work, but they were not very interested until they saw the bigger comic pictures. They loved them so much that they decided to release one as a puzzle. The election was made in 1983 for The Olympics, an advertising poster drawn on behalf of Scan Decor. Some Like It Hot succeeded in 1986, one that he had designed for Colt International. Jumbo was enthusiastic and there were more releases, all based on existing print for advertising purposes

"I choose the subject myself. Sometimes I draw an existing scene again. Other things are brand new. I like to use jokes on my drawings. If I haven't drawn anything crazy for a few weeks, I feel bad. is still now. I love going on a razzle with such a picture. It takes a lot of time, but it's so much fun to do .. ""How long do I work on a puzzle? Weeks ....... First I start with a sketch in A3 format where I define the perspective and the main joke character. I'll fill it in completely and print it. It's with such a sketch which I am probably busy for two weeks. For some subjects I research the subject by looking at pictures or taking pictures. It has to be realistic but with my own style. The aircraft is my plane, just like the cow is my cow. approved by Jumbo - and they always are - I make that sketch on my canvas but to the size of the puzzles. Then the old-fashioned needlework begins to develop in pen, ink and coloring. In total, it takes about two months to complete. "

"No, I do nothing else besides the puzzles. The three big drawings each year I think is enough work. I sometimes do a little illustration for a local association or something, but no more assignments."

"In 2013, it was decided to launch Studio Jan van Haasteren to ensure future puzzle production. Illustrators Dick Heins and Rob Derks were recruited for it. We meet regularly to brainstorm and start joking.

Sometimes an existing print develops, but a lot of new work is also drawn. I am always the first to give my approval to the picture. Because the agreement is to draw in my style. And the shark fin is really one of the jokes. The shark window comes from my comic Baron van Tast and was created in 1971 in the story Shark Cloverij (a word game that unfortunately defies translation) "