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Puzzle with Beatles ...
Choose from many different Beatles puzzle that include Paul, John, George and Ringo ...
Brand new puzzles with high quality. 


Now we have got the Beatles puzzle Let it Be! Watch out and buy!
1000 pieces. Dimensions: 30 x 91 cm. Manufacturer: Aquarius. 

A two-sided puzzle with the shape of a submarine ...
600 pieces. Dimensions: 71 x 40 cm. Manufacturer: Aquarius. 

Pussel - Beatles 4 Sale

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Beatles...från början...
Ett klassiskt motiv av de fyra Beatles medlemmarna...
John, Paul, George och Ringo
Antal bitar: 1000
Mått: 59 x 59 cm
Tillverkare: Jigsaw Puzzles
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The Beatles ... from the beginning ...A classic motif of the four Beatles members John, Paul, George and Ringo
1000 pieces. Dimensions: 51 x 61 cm. Manufacturer: Jigsaw Puzzles. 

A new Beatles puzzle with a picture from 1965 with Rubber Soul and the beggars ...
289 pieces. Dimensions: 31 x 31 cm. Manufacturer Clementoni. 

Pussel - John Lennon

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John Lennon Live i New York..en legend!
Ett pussel med mycket hög kvalité...missa inte chansen! 
Antal biter: 1000
Mått: 49 x 68 cm
Tillverkare: Jigsaw Puzzle
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John Lennon Live in New York..a legend. A very high quality puzzle ... don't miss the chance.
1000 pieces. Dimensions: 49 x 68 cm. Manufacturer: Jigsaw Puzzle. 

Take this opportunity ... This is a unique opportunity to buy a very special puzzle. A puzzle with 12 pictures by John Lennon.
1000 pieces. Dimensions: 49 x 68 cm. Manufacturer: Eurographics USA.