new puzzle - christmas

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Puzzle, a perfect gift idea for many occasions to the whole family and also friends!

Pussel - Christmas Globe

159 kr
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Ett vackert Jul-pussel med många vackra saker...
Antal bitar: 1000
Mått: 67 x 47 cm
Tillverkare: Bluebird Puzzle
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A beautiful Christmas puzzle with many beautiful things ...
1000 pieces. Dimensions: 67 x 47 cm. Manufacturer: Bluebird Puzzle

A puzzle with many fun skiing people ...
1000 pieces. Dimensions: 68 x 48 cm. Manufacturer: Piatnik Puzzle

Pussel - A Christmas Carol

159 kr
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Ett mycket vackert Amerikanskt anknytning till Julen...
Antal bitar: 1000
Mått: 50 x 67,5 cm
Tillverkare: SunsOut
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A very beautiful American puzzle ... related to a very famous holiday story, A Christmas Carol ...
1000 pieces. Dimensions: 50 x 67.5 cm. Manufacturer: SunsOut