puzzleboard & mat

Here you will find practical puzzleboard and mats ...
A convenient way to puzzle ... and a smart way to store the puzzle! Available in different designs and price ranges.
Brapussel.se recommends the most expensive puzzle table. if you puzzle a lot!
It's a hustle to pick up & put away all the pieces away while taking a break, we recommend Jumbo Puzzle Storage. ...

Pussel Matta - 1000 bitar

139 kr
Inc. 25% Tax
Out of Stock
Ett smart sätt att förvara pussel på...Lätt att rulla ihop och lägga undan!
Passar pussel med 300 - 1000 bitar
Mattans mått: 78 x 60 cm
Tillverkad i Frankrike
Levereras i en kartong

A smart way to store puzzles ... Easy to roll up and put away!
Fits puzzles with 300 - 1000 pieces
Carpet dimensions: 78 x 60 cm
Made in France
Comes in a carton

A fantastic, high quality, folding wooden table that makes puzzling a lot more easy & fun..Thanks to the felt mat on the table, the puzzle pieces remain steady. Adjustable at different angles. We also try one ourselves & love it !!!
Made with high quality wood. Table dimensions: 55 x 73 cm.. Manufacturer: Ravensburger